Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Toughest, Dirtiest Job...Parenting

Okay so I know, I know, I swore I was going to Blog every day and I have not stuck with itJ But I’m back and ready to go. It’s a new month and I want to start it off right!
I’m a completely open and honest person and right now I’m about to show you what that honesty is all about.  I go back to work in a couple of weeks and friggin’ excited, eek. I have been off of work since the middle of September and good gravy it will be nice to go back because this stay at home mom thing is for the birds! No, I do not mean that in a mean way it’s just, let’s be honest; it’s hard, like really hard. Especially when you have yourself a toddler who is a Chatty Kevin and a husband who is always playing video games and talking about his car. The baby I don’t mind, I look forward to when her and I have a moment alone just to hang out and quietly. The rest of them though, with my constant cleaning, there constant whining, the time-outs and all the questions, good Lord the questions that never, ever end. Oh and I forgot to mention the songs, it’s like every kid show in the free country has the most annoying song with it. Which is cool the first couple of times but then it just make’s you want to rip your ears off after that hundredth time. If I hear, “3rd, 3rd in bird, where the birdies meet in the street, singing tweetly tweet,” my ears will literally start bleeding, literally.  It’s like the movie Jennifer Lopez was in, The Back-Up Plan, the dad was explaining to the other dad about parenting. He was like and I’m paraphrasing here, “Parenting is horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, so horrible and then something amazing happens. Then it’s horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, extremely horrible and then something amazing happens.” It really is like that, I don't care what anyone says. The most amazing part about what I’m saying is that there will possibly be a parent who will run across this blog and think, “That woman is so horrible and ungrateful and with all she has going on!” I say to them, quit lying to yourself, you know I’m right! With all that being said parenting is a beautiful thing, it’s an amazing gift that God choose to give to me and I will gladly accept any day of the week. I am constantly in shock and awe that He chose me for this job and that He continues to bless me and my family. Londyn is still here and doing great, Mason is smart as whip and my husband is…well he’s just my husband but he’s awesome in his own right! But new parents beware and I want everyone to heed this advice:
No matter your situation or circumstance, no matter how you became a parent, it is all right to get irritated, tired, angry or fed up. Don't ever let someone tell you otherwise, it does not make you any less greatful for what God has blessed you with or less of a parent. This shit is hard and every day is NOT a walk in the park. Some days you want to run away, like for real, pack all of your shit and leave! There may be some days where you hide and cry in your closet, as you sit on shoeboxes and hold the doorknob SO tight as to where they can’t get in. Or maybe you want to drop them off at a hospital, church or fire station because yes, people they still have that amnesty law. There are even those off times where you want to strip your clothes off, run down the street and scream while pulling your hair. Hoping and praying that someone will see you, call the crazy doctor and lock you up in an institution, so you can get some pills and a mini-vaca. Is that last one too much? Yes…NoJ  But through all that you will not want to change a thing because it’s awesome, there is no love that is greater and you will be rewarded time and time again. I love looking at Mason and giving him kisses, watching him as he grows into a big boy because I swear just yesterday I brought him home. Or listening to him talk about the Che-etahs, there is a little space in there that people don’t normally know about and no I have not corrected him because I think it’s cute, he’ll figure it out. An I won’t even mention how he thinks I’m the bees knees and how he asked me the other day if I was a super hero. Pure awesomeness! Now Miss Scarlett aka Miss Londyn, she’s so beautiful and smart! I know, I know she’s only 2 months but she’s smart I tell you and I’m pushing for her to beat this Chromosome 18. The other day she looked at me wide eyed, with the O mouth like it was her first time seeing me. I don’t know if she was shocked because I didn’t have my wig on or she was excited that my face is finally coming into focus, I’m hoping for the face coming into focus. The love is there and you feel it, even from a newborn, they know what’s up and when they snuggle in close nothing can beat it. Just stay focused, relax, breath, love and know that YOU ARE RAISING PURE AWESOMENESS PEOPLE…

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