Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cleaning Up!

I have had a tough week, to say the least, but I know I need to do something; something that is going to start the process of getting everything together, not get back to the old me because I will never be the same again but to be better. That is a goal I strive for; to always better myself, to come out of situations stronger and more focused. So I started thinking of things that would get me on track again and I have decided on two: First, organize, organize, and organize! Second, craft, craft, and craft! I haven’t started the organizing yet that will begin tomorrow. The crafting though is well on its way! I spent all weekend thrifting to find items to refurbish and spruce up the house. I found some great things and Pinterest has given me amazing ideas. I also headed on over to Michael’s and JoAnns and stocked up on scrapbook items! I completed a few pages to hang around the house and now I am going to start working on a book for Londyn. I will document it every step of the way and I’m going to start posting pictures as well! I have so many ideas for 2012 and I’m beginning my healing process, part of that for me is to bring back balance and creativity and that goes a long way with clearing my mind…

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